VSC Security Services

We provide high-calibre security consultancy, protective services and technology enabled solutions that are ethically delivered and enable your business to work successfully in challenging geopolitical environments.

By delivering the very best staff and maintaining focus and commitment to providing client security that is sensitive to conflict, VSC aims to not only secure your assets, but to integrate your operations with local, regional, and national stakeholders in a solution that works with the environment, instead of against it.

Conflict Sensitive Threat Assessment

Solution Design and evolution

On-going assessment & improvement

Improvement implementation & QC


Security Consultancy

At VSC we pride ourselves on working with our clients to develop risk management and mitigation procedures that seek to enable your operations through careful planning and analysis. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to effective risk mitigation and this is particularly true when your operations are in a complex environment and impact a broad range of stakeholders. Whether you need guidance on security technology, infrastructure, asset protection or creating a risk assessment in line with international best practise we have the experience and expertise you need.

Personnel Security Services

Our personnel security services include close protection teams and protection officers to help your operations run smoothly.

Static and Mobile Security

As well as static and mobile security we also provide infrastructure, equipment, and security technology design procurement and commissioning services.

K9 Search Teams

VSC is a licenced and approved K9 services provider. We provide trained K9 handlers along with qualified and registered K9s in order to facilitate our clients’ needs. We are an associate member of NASDU and our operations are compliant with BS 8517:2016.

Fully Managed Guard Forces

We offer fully managed guard forces for comprehensive facility protection to enable your business to work successfully in challenging geopolitical environments.

Crisis & Evacuation Planning

VSC provides comprehensive crisis and evacuation planning and management to ensure your business is well prepared for any eventuality.

Security Risk Assessments

We offer comprehensive security threat assessments, as well as procedural planning for existing and planned facilities, projects, and personnel deployments.

Information Services

We provide regular intelligence reporting which focuses on client specific security concerns to assist you in safely and effectively doing business in challenging locations.

Client Facilitation & Support

As part of our client facilitation services, we provide life support, transportation, and logistical support to enable your business to run smoothly.

Training Services

VSC provides a number of courses for organisations that want to mitigate risk for their people and assets in complex environments. There is more information on the training section of the website but our courses include Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), first aid and trauma care, driver training and security management. We are a Highfield International accredited training centre and can deliver certified or bespoke courses that are carefully designed to support your operational goals and effectively mitigate risk.