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    Tailored security solutions for regional issues.

    VSC Security delivers client centric security services that adhere to high ethical standards. These are tailored to our client’s and focussed on effectively mitigating your risks.

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    Managing security operations in challenging environments.

    VSC Security provides security consultancy, technical and infrastructure solutions, protective services and training tdesigned to support your operations in challenging geopolitical environments.

The VSC Advantage

VSC uses its excellent relationships with governmental and commercial organisations to support your business and protect your assets, regardless of your area of operations. We use security managers with experience of regional operations to ensure close and effective working relations with senior security and policy agency members. This gives us access to the latest information and intelligence.


Client Centric Solutions

Every VSC solution starts with information. Information about the security situation, information about the business and political environment, information about how you work, and information about what you’re going to achieve.

However, this information is of little use if you can’t leverage it to produce knowledge that benefits you as an organisation. This is where our unique experience of security operations gives us the edge in turning the information available into knowledge that will benefit your operations. From there, VSC puts you at the centre of everything we do.

Our VSC staff are trained to communicate in a way that allows you to utilise your security resource as one which enables your business. This means we don’t just manage your security – we manage it alongside your aims and goals. The end result is a solution that secures your external environment and allows you to get on with doing what you do best.